Everything in this living world needs re-energizing, cleansing and an overall maintenance every once in a while or often, our body accumulates toxins because of bad diet, poor exercise and lifestyle choices and needs to detoxify from time to time to keep healthy. Panchkarma does the same to your body in an effective and long lasting way. Ayurveda teaches you to live life in a balanced manner. It provides you with the correct procedures you should follow for a disease free life or the one that requires minimum medical intervention in your life. Panchkarma has five different procedures that are decided once a consultation is done with the patient because the best part of panchkarma is that it is purely a custom-made treatment which is performed according to individual needs.

Panchakarma is a method of cleansing the body of all the unwanted waste after lubricating it. Panchakarma are 5 (five) in number; hence the term PANCHA (five) – KARMA (procedures). Panchakarma treatment is unique in the sense that it includes preventive, curative and promotive actions for various diseases.

There are five types of procedures in the panchkarma therapy. These include:

    1. Vaman: also known as emesis therapy this procedure consists of therapeutic vomiting detoxifying your gut and lungs.
    2. Virechan: Purgation Therapy, in this therapeutic laxative is used to set the right balance of gallbladder, liver and small intestine. 
    3. Basti: In Enema Therapy deep nourishment of the bones take place and detoxification of the large intestine.
    4. Nasya: Nasal pathway is a door which directly opens to the brain. It releases toxins of the brain and proves beneficial in treatment of headaches, Migraine and cervical Spondylosis.
    5. Raktamokshana:This treatment is useful for cleaning of blood and viable against ailments caused because of impure blood. It is undoubtedly regarded as the most significant treatment of panchakarma.

The Panchakarma purifying procedure affects an individual in multiple ways.According to Ayurveda, great well being depends on our ability to completely process all parts of life, absorbing what supports and letting out rest. When we can’t properly digest our food, experiences, and feelings, toxins aggregate in our bodily tissues, causing imbalance and making you prone to disease. Panchakarma is an exquisite purging procedure that discharges stored toxins and reestablishes the body’s natural healing ability.