Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of natural healing medicine.Ayurvedic knowledge originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Ayurveda means “the science of life” derived from the Sanskrit root word ‘Ayur’ which refers to ‘Longevity’ or ‘Life’ and Veda means ‘Science’.

Ayurveda is usually referred to as “Mother of all healing”. Ayurveda helps us with the knowledge of how to prevent disease and how to eliminate its root cause if it does occur.

Ayurveda means science of life. Ayurvedic treatments not only treat the disease but the individual as a whole bringing new energy and zeel. The treatment is not just symptomatic like some pathies which will prescribe same tablets to individuals with similar symptoms but it is also based on “prakriti”or constitution which differs from individual to individual. Treatment will also vary as per environment and season. Along with medicines, diet is given equal importance. Also the stage of disease and mental state and lifestyle of the individual is taken into consideration. Ayurveda incorporates wisdom with science and that is why it has proven to be more beneficial than other domains of treatments. 

We agree that ayurveda cannot cure all disease and other medicinal standards have an important role to play. But where ayurveda scores is it’s holistic approach to the human body and its close conjunction with “srushti” or the universe and how nature and the human body work together to create a balanced individual. 

Greenhut Ayurveda has a range of products  which is the perfect amalgamation of Ayurveda and modern technology. Our products help you to rejuvenate you from the inside. Choosing the right quality of intake for your body is of utmost importance because what goes inside shows on the outside. When you take proper care of yourself and eat proper food you stay away from diseases, your skin glows and you start living in a happy state of mind. We provide you a variety of health care products based on Ayurveda which have effective and long lasting effects. The ingredients that make up Ayurvedic medicines are not out of the world. They are basic materials commonly found in any kitchen. They do not have side effects and are consumed casually during meals as well. 

Greenhut Ayurveda also provides the Panchakarma treatment. The Panchakarma purifying procedure affects an individual in multiple ways.According to Ayurveda, great well being depends on our ability to completely process all parts of life, absorbing what supports and letting out rest. When we can’t properly digest our food, experiences, and feelings, toxins aggregate in our bodily tissues, causing imbalance and making you prone to disease. Panchakarma is an exquisite purging procedure that discharges stored toxins and reestablishes the body’s natural healing ability.

We have a dedicated team of well experienced doctors who have practiced Healthcare for many years. There are different doctors from different areas of practices which include Gastroenterologist, therapist, Dentistry & Dental Nursing and much more. Our doctors Provide you with assistance with the Best Health Solutions. Many of our doctors have been or are a part of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Whilst there are no side effects of Ayurvedic medicines, the Ayurvedic doctor plays a vital role in your dosage. They will understand your persona, your lifestyle,  your day to day activities, your habits, and the various physical and emotional balances involved before prescribing medicines to you. Do understand that while intake of generic treatment is alright, specific ailments and symptoms require the complete guidance of a practitioner. 

We have a range of health care products, hair care products and other beauty products. Our products are affordable and trusted by many. Ayurvedic skin care is based on ancient Indian medicine. The practice includes Ayurvedic facials, treatments for skin diseases, and herbal formulations for the skin. Various treatment options are varied and can include yoga, acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy and dietary changes. Panchakarma (‘five actions’) being one of the most significant practices of ayurveda is a specialised treatment consisting of five therapies including emesis (vomiting), enemas and blood-letting, which are meant to detoxify the body and balance the doshas (in Ayurveda, the body’s three vital energies). Ayurveda practitioners believe their approach is effective in treating a range of disorders, including a pretty great number of diseases. Herbal medicines are also available which can be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs and should be treated with the same caution and respect. The belief that herbs are safe and harmless has encouraged people to try it. Ayurveda treatment starts with an internal purification process, followed by a special diet, herbal remedies, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. Ayurvedic treatment for various purposes including joint pain, imbalance of vata, pitta and kafa, certain diseases have proved to be beneficial for many people. More and more people in the western countries also are approaching Ayurveda for the solution of their long term diseases which are not being secured by Pharmaceutical drugs. Green at Ayurveda provides shipping all over the world. We wish to make a change in your daily health care habits with our affordable and effective range of products.